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Fluid waste bowl
Dispositivo de recolha de fluídos
Container de recueil de fluide
Vloeistof opvangbak
Recipiente porta rifiuti per fluidi
Dispositivo para recogida de fluidos
Skål für vätskeavfall

Blue fluid waste bowl
• Polystyrene bowl designed to reduce the risk of accidental spillage of liquid contaminated waste in the operating room.
• Thermoformed.
• For better absorption and retention, it is supplied with absorbent material at the base.
• To allow access to all types of syringes includes rigid APET/PE film drainer with polyurethane foam at the center.
• Supplied with lid which can be used as base to the bowl. Closes by pressure.
• Sterilizable by gas (Ethylene Oxide). Not sterilizable by moist heat.
• Plastic bag + transport carton.

Non sterile
Code Diameter Pcs./Bag Pcs./Tr. carton
4885-476 15,5cm 48 48