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Placenta basin
Recipiente de placenta
Bassin de placenta
Placenta tray
Vaschetta per placenta
Recipiente de placenta
Placenta skal

Placenta basin & Placenta basin lid
• 100% polypropylene, pharmaceutical grade.
• Graduated basin. 
• Lid with information placeholder.
• Sterilizable by moist heat at 121°C or 134°C*, or gas (Ethylene Oxide).
• Packing:
-Non sterile: Double plastic bag + transport carton.
-Sterile: Individual peel-open-pack + transport carton.

* Concerning the effects of moist heat sterilization at 134 °C, although a slight modification on the visual properties of the article can be observed, this effect can be considered minor to the intended use of the product. We advise you to include this article in your qualification program for evaluation of its properties according to your requirements and acceptance criteria.

Non sterile
Code Description Size Capacity Color Pcs./Pack Pcs./Tr. carton
489-334 Lid 32 x 24,5 x 1cm Translucent/Translúcido 50 100
489-335 Basin 32 x 24,5 x 7cm 3.000mL Blue/Azul 50 100

Code Description Size Capacity Color Pcs./Pack Pcs./Tr. carton
489-513 Basin 32x24,5x7cm 3000mL Blue/Azul 1 11