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Baby blanket
Lençol de bebé
Drap pour nouveau-né
Copertina per bambini
Sabana para recién nacido
Baby filt

Baby blanket

• Non-woven viscose, polyester.
• For covering baby after birth in order to keep normothermic.
• Approx. weight: 80g/sq.m.
• Hypoallergenic, very smooth and comfortable. Generous dimensions and highly absorbent.
• White.
• Packing:
   -Non sterile: Plastic bag + transport carton.
   -Sterile: Individual peel-open pack + shelf box + transport carton.

Code Size Pcs./Bag Pcs./Tr. carton
454-001 90x80cm 2 25 150

Non sterile
Code Size Pcs./Bag Pcs./Tr. carton
454-300 90 x 80cm 25 100
454-305 90 x 100cm 22 88